Company Profile

AverPeek Security Services is a Qatar based company, dealing with security services. The company provides top of the range CCTV surveillance technology products to wide array of commercial and residential segments. The company is approved by the Ministry of Interiors Security Systems Department, Qatar. In a fast growing market for business and opportunity in Qatar,security is a major concern in every aspect. To increase the security cover, AverPeek took the initiative to provide ore reliable and cost effective security products than the ones existing in Qatar. AverPeek, with its vast experience and strong team in the field of Security Services, offers best price considerate service and in time good delivery to every client. Averpeek always welcomes potential clients to further build our pool of satisfied clients.

Our product portfolio incorporates simple surveillance cameras with a monitor to multifaceted complex solutions involving switches, digital recorder and system controls. The USP of Averpeek is that the company offers tailor made security solutions based on customer requests. The company has a diverse range of CCTV surveillance systems. The management has decades of technical knowledge in the security industry. This makes it a one stop solution for your security needs.

AverPeek evaluates the client requirements and offers cost effective and tailor made surveillance services that cater a variety of types of businesses such as commercial and industrial businesses, small and large retail stores, restaurants, warehouses, factories, banks, movie theatres, social clubs and sports arena.

Security is a key issue for every enterprise. Companies should not wait for an incident to happen. Hence, security measures should be taken as a protocol, not as a reaction to an occurrence, Every building has to meet numerous basic requirements for systems such as fire-life-safety, security, lighting, ventilation, health and comfort.

Security is required to protect content, personnel and property. Such security needs include recording the vehicles and people who enter and exit the building, protection against harmful activities and restricting access to reserved areas.

Security systems perform the below functions:

  • Surveillance
    • CCTV-Analog
    • Digital – IP
  • Alarms
  • Detection
  • Master clock control
  • Access control
  • Elevator control
  • Communication and information management
  • These functions are integrated with the systems

Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver customized, innovative and professional premier quality security services at cost effective rates to our aspiring customers who are widely spread across the globe.

We aim at providing security services of exceptional quality with the help of our expertise and experienced team of professional personnel in order to build energetic and enthusiastic business relationship with our customers to make security business yet more exciting and complete.

Our Vision

Our vision is to focus on the creation of value added security services with innovative technically advanced products and solutions to inspire the people across the globe to join their hands with us in creating a better world of rich digital experiences.

We earn our customers reputation by consistent improvement in the integrity and teamwork of our dedicated employees in order to become a leader in security related services.