Access Control System

The Access control system generally refers to the authenticated system of controlling, monitoring and restricting the movement of people, assets or any other vehicles in, out and around the premises of any particular building or a site in order to prevent any material loss or damage to the capital assets and to reduce the risk of personal injury to the staffs and visitors.

We at Averpeek offer a wide range of access control systems right from the basic standalone units that control a single entrance door to leading-edge multi-user access control systems that helps in managing a large complex site.

We harmoniously integrate the state-of-the-art video elements to design, install, maintain and upgrade the standalone systems, network enterprise wide system and the hosted system towards our sincere efforts to offer a full range of access control systems that are customized to suit the individual requirements of our valued clients.

Some of the different forms of access control systems are as follows:

  • Barrier that restricts the entry of unauthorized people in to the site.
  • Bollard is a short vertical post and is used to protect the pedestrians and buildings from the vehicles.
  • A turnstile is a form of a gate that allows the entry of one person only at a time.

Parking system that manages the entry and exits of the traffic flow and the access system.