DVR which is also known as Digital Video Recorder is an image storage processing system that is based on the embedded architecture. A DVR which could replace the multiple devices in an analog surveillance system can record the images and voices and thus helps in remote monitoring and controlling successfully for a long time.

With its distinctive functions of a VCR, PTZ control, synview, alarm, network architecture and various others, it is considered to be perfect choice for real-time monitoring and other multi-tasking applications. It could be used either independently or could also be networked to form a powerful network monitoring center.

Software Advantage:

As the express setup page allows the user to set up the important parameters such as time, network, recording parameters, of the DVR, the customers who are not familiar with the DVR could also operate it with ease.

Hardware Advantage:

  • The accuracy of the digital storage is very high.
  • With its input and output interfaces it supports HDMI, VGA and BNC output simultaneously.
  • Since it uses the standard H.264 video compression technology the videos are of unique quality.
  • It is highly scalable.
  • It supports large capacity for long time storage.
  • Removable hard disks and DVD-RW and network supports fast backup.
  • It supports remote viewing and mobile monitoring as well.
DVR Core Technology