The traditional HD-SDI cameras of IP network SDI products that uses the traditional coaxial transmission system has its own defects of trailing and dropped images and it transmits the signals to a limited distance of 100 meters.

On the other hand, the new HDFDI Transceiver technology that uses the optical fiber transmission technology extends the HD-SDI video signals of transmission to a distance of 20 km to make it ultimately suitable and reliable for remote video capture and video surveillance as well.

There are two different components of a HDFDI Transceiver, such as HDFDI transmitter and a HDFDI receiver. The Transmitter converts the standard HD-SDI video signals into HDFDI protocol signals which are then transmitted out through the optical fiber.

The receiver in turn receives the HDFDI protocol signals and converts them into standard HD-SDI video signals. Later it sends out those signals using the standard coaxial BNC interface to the monitor to serve the requirements of multiple industries for optical transmission.

The new HDFDI transceiver is intelligently designed without debugging and supports all HD-SDI videos of different resolution. It is a super micro structure and smaller in size yet transmits signals up to 20 km on a single mode. It could be easily integrated into all kinds of SDI transmission system and also to idesl HD video optical fiber transmission equipment to serve the security needs of different sectors of the industry.

HD-FDI Transceiver Technology