Time and Attendance Solution

In the modern work culture where the employees work under different shifts and variable timings, the manual management of time and attendance system is extremely tedious. As it involves a lot of paper work, it is a time consuming process and is prone to manual errors.

Implementing the Time and Attendance solution is the perfect choice of any business organization that tends to save its valuable time and human resources apart from increasing their operational efficiency at reduced costs.

At Averpeek we offer you an excellent Time and Attendance software solution at affordable rates that helps you in recording and tracking the attendance of your employees. This can be either as a part of your access control system or as an independent solution with suitable options for biometric readers to prevent fraudulent time cards and buddy punching.

Our brilliant software helps you in finding out the late comers, absentees and the early departures and provides you either detailed or summary reports in Excel, PDF, HTML and CSV formats of your choice which could be forwarded to the payroll department for further calculations. Other benefits of Time and Attendance solutions include:

  • Raises the employee productivity.
  • Keeps a track on the regular absconders as well as late comers.
  • Reduced costs and increased operational efficiency.
  • Saves time and labor which could be otherwise used to concentrate on core areas.